Declare Cab rates officially so that all drivers can live better life in India.

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India have more than 10 million of population working as a cab driver. From the independence of india, each and every worker, labour, employee are get benefitted with various scheme of government. But drivers are always neglected. 

Since one decade automotive market expand drastically, many players like ola, uber, MMT, Gozo, Ryde, Goibibio, One way Cab, Savari etc and many small IT player dominating market on there own way and on own rate cards because government has not made any provision of any act related to Rates.

As per the latest research a person with his family of 3 person of a living cost around 18000 per month in india. Despite of said cost, each driver have to carry a burden of monthly car maintenance, insurance cost, tyre cost, car emi, government road tax and penalty but if we sum up all cost at present all drivers working at rate card of  40% less. 

Its time to declare official rate cards of all cab according to segments of passenger cars. Niti Aayog, ministry of road transport of india, and all transport minister gave preference to all Information technology companies but not thinking to benefit A Common Cab Driver. 

Hence, Declare uniform Cab rates thought india so that all driver community can be benefitted. Don't pull cab drivers in competition of IT companies. A competition between cab aggregator always lead to decrease in rates. Please provide base fare for all cabs so that driver will be benefitted.

We request government authority to declare minimum rates of all passenger cars in Maharashtra and driver should get below minimum rates for all kind of bookings. Aggregator or agent should not pay any booking less than below rates,


SUV CAR     : 16 per Km


According to Khatua Commission in maharashtra above rates are proposed but as per latest government resolution they deny demand raise in Khatua commission. 

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Ajay Munde