50% Rent Relief for Tenants in Mumbai

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Hi! I live in Mumbai, the hub of Film and Television Industry. There are many people in Mumbai like me who are migrants, who live here to work. 

Mumbai city requires high maintenance for one to survive and is very expensive as compared to other cities, specially in terms of property rents. As this lockdown has brought a lot of uncertainties with it for all of us, it's very difficult to survive for a freelancer in film industry where most of the projects are declined or put on hold. I am struggling to make basic payments of rent and electricity along with several other people like me.

I am aware of the Deferred Rent Payment announcement made by Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra and thankful for the same. But since the lockdown is extending with the passing time, the deferred payment is accumulating in big figures as a long term liability on our heads. We don't know when this pandemic will get over and we will be back to work. 

A lot of people have managed to go back to their respective hometowns. People like us, who are stuck have been living on our savings for past two months, further survival seems tuff with this high expenses.

There is an extremely urgent need for the Chief Minister of Maharashtra to hear us, take our plea into consideration, and make a public announcement allowing 50% relief on rents from next month, incase the lockdown extends after May.

I request you all to please support and sign my petition.