Justice for Ahmaud Arbery and His Family

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On Sunday, February 23rd, 2020 Ahmaud Arbery was murdered--in the middle of the day (1:00 pm to be exact)--by two white men in Glynn County Georgia. What was Ahmaud's crime? He was a Black man jogging, and that was enough!!

We must demand that justice is served in this heinous crime, and for the lost of this young life. Not one person has been arrested in this case, even though the shooters were on the scene when the local cops arrived, and at least one of them was still armed. One of the shooters was a retired police officer and investigator for the district attorney's office (in the county in which the crime happened).

Two local district attorneys have recused themselves from this case due to one of the shooters' past work for their respective offices. However, before one of the local district attorneys recused himself (George E. Barnhill of Waycross, GA) he thought it important enough to say that the shooters "were within in their rights to use deadly force." 

When Black life is made so cheap that even before any investigation is launched a district attorney can say that white men have rights that allow them to chase down and kill Black men (whom are guilty of nothing) then we are ourselves obligated to do something, to say something about this ruthless act against yet another young Black man.