CAU 2020-2021 Instruction Decision

CAU 2020-2021 Instruction Decision

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CAU Petition for Fall 2020 & Spring 2021

To whom it may concern,

     Clark Atlanta University students, in particular the upperclassmen, would appreciate if there was a re-evaluation of the 2020-2021 instruction for the upperclassmen to be held in person as well as online. Below is a list of concerns and solutions, in no particular order, formulated by upperclassmen and underclassmen as to how all students can come back to campus safely and still follow the guidelines of the Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

Underclassmen and Upperclassmen Should Be Able to Alternate Days on Campus

  • Upperclassmen can attend classes Monday and Tuesday and Underclassmen can attend classes Thursday and Friday.

Upperclassmen are Taking More Rigorous Courses 

  • Taking more rigorous courses calls for more in-depth face to face interactions to clearly understand and learn the concepts being presented. Arts & Science and Engineer majors dealing with labs, senior projects, and hands-on assignments, can not complete these tasks virtually. Upperclassmen are preparing for life after college, so comprehension is critical for their future success after school.

Students are Preparing for Standardized Test

  • As some may know the MCAT, GRE, and LSAT are extremely difficult exams that take hours of studying and preparation. Since not all students do well with learning online, being in the presence of other students and educators creates an inspiring and interactive learning environment. 

Recruiting New Leadership Positions

  • The majority of the organizations on campus, e-boards are comprised of upperclassmen in these leadership positions. Without someone to look up to and observe, the underclassmen will not know what's expected of them to continue the legacy of that organization correctly. 

Mentorship Programs

  • Some organizations on campus have put together mentorship programs for incoming students who are first-generation students who need that guidance because there is no one in their family that can offer assistance. Even for those students who have family that attended college, they still can use advice and mentorship from upperclassmen due to the fact that the college experience evolves all the time. 

On-campus Events Traditionally Coordinated by Upperclassmen

  • Being that underclassmen are new to the campus and still learning how CAU conducts events, they have little to no knowledge on how to plan and run them effectively. Events will follow CDC guidelines.

The students of Clark Atlanta University thank you for evaluating and reading through our concerns and solutions in hopes to make the CAU experience, an experience for all and not some.

Best Regards,

The Students of Clark Atlanta University 

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