Rescind security & travel documents, privileges given to J&K seperstists

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Repscted Hon’l Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, 

Every time I turn on the news I see reports about our brave lion hearted Jawans being martyred in Jammu and Kashmir, their families buried in anguish and sorrow and a broken nation which looses its brave sons every time the youth of Kashmir takes up guns in the name of independence and ‘Jihad’. 

Our policemen, army officers and jawans are abducted, attacked and even tortured by these terrorists that are spraying violence and bullets on the peace and tranquil that we live in. We have endured a lot many orphaned children, widowed wives and grief strickened parents of the brave policemen and army personnel who made the supreme sacrifice whilst neutralising the nuisance of terrorism. Our arch nemesis neighbor has been sponsoring a lot of these terrorists to disrupt the tranquil of our nation out of jealousy and spite because they could never be a nation, they’re limited to being a ‘banana-republic’ who sponsors terrorists through its ruthless army and premier spy agencies. They, however, are not limited to sponsoring just the terrorists. Kashmiri ‘separatists’ as they’re known, are the second face to the same coin of terrorism. They’ve openly advocated for Kashmiri Independence, sedition, treason of the highest order and also expressed willingness to join our neighbouring ‘banana-republic’. They’ve led processions often in the tune of thousands toward some violence and have expressed restraint on stone pelting incidents on the army and innocent civilians who have nothing to do with the current issue at hand. 

It’s shameful that they’re identified as ‘Indian Politicians’ when they’re nowhere close the great values of our great nation. They are the true ‘anti-nationals’ the true cancer of outbreak country. Having said this, these scum of our country don’t need to be provided anything from our country let alone services borne by the tax payer. However, even though the aforementioned statement holds true in the highest regard, it’s not the case in reality. 

These ‘seperatists’ have Indian passports, sometimes government residences as they are entitled to as a member of the legislature and most shocking of all, security. All of this at the same taxpayers expense from whom they wish to breakaway. 

They undertake foreign trips to disrupt India, on an Indian passport and with Indian security. 

Mee have lost way too many soldiers and jawans and the time has come for immediate and stern action. 

As a sovereign citizen of India, I implore the PMO and the MHA to rescind the passports issued to them as well as the security provided to them. A calculated guess for every person regardless of anything, is that a person convicted on seditious grounds doesn’t deserve any of this. It is therefore, paramount that these steps be taken to rid Kashmir of it’s current political menace as without these incentives these ‘seditious and treacherous separatist’ will find their way to the ‘Banana-republic’ they so want to be a part of. 

I believe this is the tribute of the highest order which we can grant our fallen soldier and brothers in arms. Before we talk about Balochistan, we first have to rid Kashmir in our own backyard of the same problem. Your governments poll promises and mandate warrant such actions and I believe them to be in the best of interest. Your recent political moves in J&K prove that the Central Government would not parlay with terrorists. I, therefore, ask you to take this decision and do justice to our servicemen. 

Let us strive to make India and Kashmir safe so that no daughter or son would cry, no wife widowed and most importantly no more fallen soldiers and to make the tears of those who have already cried worth it by delivering justice.