Steel plant for kadapa district

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steel plant for kadapa district

in the bifurcation act of andhra pradesh,2014,

The government has declared steel plant to kadapa district.but, there has been no further actions towards the establishment of the plant.

There are no jobs available for the youth here and by the establishment of the steel plant, there will huge amount of jobs available for the youth.

Rayalaseema has been a drought prone area and people here have been suffering a lot of problems. By the establishment of steel plant, there will be approx. 150000 new jobs available for the people and thus, the area will be developed.

People of Rayalaseema have been migrating to other parts of the country and even to Arab countries only to face more struggles doing very hard and dangerous works in extreme conditions.


Kadapa steel plant has been more of a life and death issue to people in rayalaseema and there will be no development here if steel plant is not established.

Let us all join hands and achieve kadapa steel plant.