The bLack of respect campaign is a UK-initiated awareness campaign to restore our dignity as a race by getting people, chiefly ourselves, as well as institutions in the UK, Europe and other parts of the world to cease referring to us as “black” and describe us by heritage like every other race. The typesetting of the word “black” as “bLack” in the campaign title is in order to emphasise the lack of respect inherent in this method of labelling our race of people.
Today, people of African descent are still being called “black” or “blacks”. Is it accurate? What about other races? Are people from China still called yellow people? Are Arabs and Mediterranean people called beige or brown? And Sri Lankans black people? When did you last hear a Native American called a red Indian? This is inconsistent – all other races are described by heritage yet we are described in the way animals and inanimate objects are.Why? We believe history, lack of respect, laziness and casual racism have alot to do with it. “Black” has had its time and its purpose in the 1960s and 70s and belongs to the 20th century. This skin-deep terminology is outdated and does not respect us as human beings. We insist on the dignity of description by heritage like everyone else. 'People of African descent’ in conversation, official language, broadcasts and by institutions reflects our history and heritage. And British Africans, British African-Caribbeans, African-American, African-Brazilian etc.should be the terms used when being more specific.
We feel it is important to correct a longstanding anomaly and re-state our heritage.

Letter to
Office of National Statistics UK,all institutions,the media,general public
Stop using the word "black" on ethnic monitoring questionnaires