A backup database for NSW PET REGISTRY

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Since Friday 19th June 2020, the NSW PET REGISTRY has been down for "urgent maintenance". 

From 23rd June 2020, the expected time frame to have this system back up and running is approximately another 7 business days. 

The serious issue with this "urgent maintenance" is that not one person, vet or organisation is able to run a microchip to check and reunite lost pets with their rightful owners . This is leaving pets in pounds for unnecessary extended amounts of time, exposed to 'pound life' and open to contracting serious illnesses. This makes it extremely distressing to both the pets and their owners as well as having to find funds to cover the expensive holding costs charged all due to this registry not being accessible. 

There are staff members from pound facilites that are copping verbal mistreatment by members of the community as those whom work within these compounds also cannot access the registry to prove ownership and are therefor unable to return pets to their rightful owners.

We are petitioning that Office of Local Government provide an urgent and necessary back up system for when these types of situations arise in the future.

This is in the best interest and well being of all NSW pets and their owners.