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Live music Returned at the Bodalla Arms Hotel

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To have live music Returned to a small country Pub . 

Bodalla Arms Hotel was stopped having music by office liquor gaming authority in 2015, untill the owners could install and Amplified limiter and complied with an LA10 at a cost of approx $20,000-$25,000. 

People choose  to Move into Bodalla from interstate ,move 100'meters or so to a pub , knowing it had music , then complained about the live music being played Once a week/ twice a week with the pub closed by midnight Bodalla Arms  Hotel is the only Pub in the small town of Bodalla which isn't allowed live music, Jukebox, Tv, stereo or even a radio as these are all classed as amplified . Yet a cafe opens right next to the pub an is allowed live music , The dairy Shed across the Road from the pub can have live music and the complainants do not complain about either of these establishments. In actual fact the complainants support the newly opened cafe and the live music , which is the same distance away from the pub to the Complainants house The Pub has had the same bands as the cafe , the pub got complaints and the same people that complained about our music is supporting the cafe  So it seems their is one rule for one and one rule for the other establishments . 

Complaintants have Changed the  social Fabrication of a small country town .

We are a Dairy farmer town , the pub is a heritage pub built in 1910 has million dollar views of paddocks, mountains and farms .

This decision has caused  my family and I a great deal of stress, financial hardship . Our bar figures are down by more then 40% , our meal count is down by 60% Our young children aged 12 and 2 year old twins ,are not allowed to have a TV , Stereo, Radio as this decision was made for every room of the hotel. The Hotel is in real need of change before this restriction place on the license causes the pub to close its doors for good . 

Im asking the Government to change the laws of NSW , and office liquor and gaming Authorities to lift the restrictions. Country is different then City and so should the laws be . You cannot have One rule across the board for City and Country as life styles are completely different to each other . 


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