Reform Law Enforcement To Be A Licensed Profession

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George Floyd’s case was able to come of standing due to the former police officer having the ability to transfer precincts through the years. Countless lives have been lost due to unresolved prejudice and power complexes. 

It currently only takes an associates degree to become a law enforcement officer with licenses to enforce law and carry a firearm. By making law enforcement a licensed profession to a higher degree, such as a bachelor’s or master’s, this will prohibit the ability to transfer precincts with a suspended or revoked license, and overall bring a greater degree of accountability. 

Changing the work culture with more rigorous requirements will potentially lead to increased sociological and psychological understanding of the general public. 

ADDITIONALLY: if a Uniformed Code of Justice is made, internal affairs can be addressed in such a manner that can reduce pay and pension, with additional punishments.

If you wouldn’t let a doctor with a revoked license perform a surgery on you, a lawyer with a suspended license represent you, and an architect without a license build your home, why should you let a police officer with a revoked, suspended, or lack of license protect and serve you?