Import embargo on Russian oil

Import embargo on Russian oil

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To stop Russian aggression against Ukraine and Ukrainian nation and world's democracies we need to make a more serious impact on Russian economy. 

Cities of Ukraine are being bombed by Russian forces. Desperate and discouraged by their losses in land battles Russian troops are targeting civil sectors with rockets troops, their soldiers kill civilians, rob stores, and rape Ukrainian women.

Ukrainian allies are not able to enter the war against Russia, but there are other ways to defeat the aggressor: complete economic isolation. It was done before, and it proved to be effective. 

Oil trade is crucial for Russian economy, and losing profits from this trade with the United States, will crash Russian oil market, as well as affect/lower the price of Russian oil internationally, which means less funds to finance their army, less troops sent to be responsible for the genocide of Ukrainian people, less support to surviving of the dictatorship in Russia, less financial flow into Russian propaganda, more freedom to people of Russia who do not agree with the regime.

Save Ukraine, save democracy, make U.S. stronger and less dependent on Russian resources, protect human rights and freedoms, give hope!

186 have signed. Let’s get to 200!