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Permit Parking for residents on Abell St. 10pm-10am / 12am-7am

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I spoke with Michael Viera the Constituency Manager of Office of Ana Bailão, City Councillor for Ward 18. Based on my concerns for the comfort of the community he has suggested we get a petition together to benefit the residents of Abell st. 

Abell St. is currently scheduled to be a Green P paid parking street. However, it would benefit residents of Abell St. to have designated permit parking times (12am to 7am or 10pm - 10am). This would allow for easier access for residents to our units, easier loading and unloading, and deter rowdy bar and restaurant patrons from parking in front of our units late into the evening.

Lisgar, Dovercourt and Sudbury are all Green P & Permit Parking. I believe there is no reason why Abell St. shouldn't be either. 

Please sign to support this so that Michael Viera has additional tools to accomplish this task. 

Additional information:
Abell St. is schedule to be a one way street running North.
Official handover to the city is scheduled to happen by February 2017.
Queen st. and Abell st. will eventually be getting a stop light.
There is already a Green P paid parking lot at Queen st. and Abell st. and underground Green P parking at 36 Lisgar. 
It's extremely difficult to find parking on a Thursday or Friday night after 8pm because of events in the area (99 Sudbury, Drake Hotel/Underground, Gladstone etc.)
It is likely Abell St. will be Permit Parking by Spring 2017. However, this petition will increase the odds as well as may expedite the process.

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