Printed yearbooks for the 2018 batch

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We, the students of the 2018 batch, would wish to express our displeasure at the decision taken by the administration to nit print the Yearbooks for this academic year.

Digitisation in it's form is to reduce wastage and help the environment, but to decree the hardwork of students, and a memento to be carried for life as wastage is frankly, insulting.

Various changes with regard to reduction in pages of the yearbook have been done, which have all been acceptable, but a printed copy regardless should be available to students that wish to have it.

It is disheartening that this decision has been made unilaterally by the institution, without consulting the parties affected. While being environment friendly is something all, us students, support, MIT hasn't been the forerunner in this regard.

The Yearbook does not seem like the place to start for this move, and we implore the administration to reconsider, and implement this idea in a more structured manner in subsequent academic years.


Students of the 2018 batch.