To have Organized Stalking internationally recognized as a real and present phenomenon.

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Audrey Ogden
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While stalking is recognized as a crime that affects many, a specific kind of stalking called Organized Stalking or Gangstalking is not. This is stalking conducted by at least two, but most often more, people. 

Victims of the crime often find it impossible to be believed because the general public is under the impression that such things happen only to wealthy people, famous people or people of political prominence. This can lead to false accusations of paranoia and, at times, false diagnoses of mental illness.

Many targeted individuals are driven from their jobs and homes by the groups who target them.  Insistence upon viewing claims made by victims as, at best, unlikely or, at worst, mental illness, makes getting the kind of help targeted individuals need extremely difficult.

Having this brand of stalking officially acknowledged is the first step in gaining desperately needed access to information and resources for those who are targeted using Organize Stalking.