Petition update

500,000 coming up...please read.

Julie Doorne
Sleaford, ENG, United Kingdom

Nov 3, 2019 — 

Just to say, we are absolutely flying with this petition, thank you everyone for signing and sharing. Please keep the email comms open between us. Will try not to send to much 'stuff'. 

When we reach 500,000 I will take this back to our new government. 

In the meantime we have just 2 days before the dissolution of Parliament. Now I am a bugger for making a point. I would like very much to push the latest BAN petition over the 100,000 before then. It won't be debated BUT what it will do is show current strength of feeling (as if 500,000 isn't enough!) So, I am asking if you would kindly sign this BAN FIREWORKS FOR GENERAL SALE TO THE PUBLIC government petition. 

Obviously if you do not want to go that far, then thank you for signing this petition asking for lesser changes.

I have to say though, being in a place where I see more of what is going on around the country than most.....I believe it has come to the point where a ban on sales and use by the public is the only way to keep our streets safe from October to January. The only way to help vulnerable people to be able to prepare for the displays (always advertised). The only way people can protect their animals.  

It's time to admit humans can't be trusted with fireworks

You are not even safe indoors.... Eltham cinema

And finally........ Something to read and maybe pass on?... (although you all must be on the same page I think) How much will we make animals suffer

Thank you again for your loyalty, as you have read this far, you must still be getting the emails .... ;) 

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