Fireworks & pets noise reduction under 97 decibels license public displays restrict dates

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Reducing the noise of Fireworks to a comparable sound of a door being slammed is a step in the right direction to hit the sweet spot of people being able to enjoy Fireworks with an assurance that animals are  less likely to be scared,  reduce their stress, anxiety and harm.  Restricting Fireworks to  being available for certain dates for the public to buy will go towards supporting pet owners in putting strategies in place during these dates to support their animals.  Licensing Fireworks will give professionals the opportunity to work outside the restrictions of dates but will be able to give advanced warning of displays to local residents.  This aims to protect not only cats and dogs but includes  field animals - horses, ponies and donkeys are who also at risk along  with birds, farm animals and wild life.  There are apparently 27 million pets in the UK and 900 Million farm animals a year are reared in the UK (RSPCA) they all have humans to look out for them so please sign and share this petition so our Politicians can do something positive to promote the well being of our animals.  Thank you.