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We, the undersigned, support the call for a comprehensive inclusion of all ethnic, social and religious communities in Britain, into government and public sector diversity and equality monitoring processes, including the forthcoming Census in 2021. For example, Sikh, Tamil, Kurdish, Kashmiri, Dalit's etc. have been excluded from this for a long time so as to appease large states that are suppressing such communities overseas (e.g. India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan). The British government is favouring such states over actual peoples who make up their diverse, constituent populations. It is a systematic failure of equal opportunities, failure to comply with the letter and spirit of the Equality Act 2010, and a failure to comply with the major ruling in Mandla v Dowell Lee (House of Lords, 1983), which accepted Sikhs were an ethnic group and, as yet, an unrecognised nation. This is also true of other peoples living in the UK and must be addressed in future censuses.

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