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The Mongolian UK ambassador out and an end to corruption

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Mongolia is a new democracy, born on the suffering and dedication of the people. However it has been poorly served by it's elected leaders since 1990.

The new Mongolian ambassador to the UK is Mr Sanjaagiin Bayar, who has evaded an investigation for illegal off - shore accounts and money laundering, contributing to an estimated 17 BILLION DOLLARS worth of money stolen from the Mongolian people by a select handful of politicians and invested around the world in shadowy financial areas, properties and assets.

In a real democracy the system exists to serve the people. In Mongolia, this has been turned on it's head and the system has been corrupted to make the politicians richer, while the people and the country get ever poorer.

Mr Bayar is one of the chief founders and beneficiaries of this self-enriching, bloated culture. That he has been appointed as ambassador to the UK, is an insult and an embarrassment to Mongolians everywhere.

On the inspiration of Ms Ichko Gombodorj, Mongolians and people who care have started the Mongolian Laundry Movement to clean out political corruption in Mongolia, starting with Mr S.Bayar!

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