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Offer Public Restrooms, Carolina's Value Village or we will boycott your stores!

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 Carolina's Value Village does not allow patrons to use their restrooms. In other words, you can shop there but then you have to leave and come back to resume shopping if you have to use the restroom. Please join us in our boycott to end this  humiliating practice of Carolina's Value Village denying patrons the decency to use their restrooms! Pregnant women, women with small kids and people with disabilities are included in this group. We have experienced first-hand having to walk over 15 min to nearby retailers asking to use their restrooms after shopping at Value Village. The store manager  advised us that this is "the law" and that they don't have to allow the public to use their restrooms if they don't want to, and they don't because the public just destroys the restrooms"! This is a thrift store, not the Ritz Carlton! This store is massive in size and you could easily spend hours sifting through hundreds of racks. It's painful to watch patrons and families gathering their belongings with total disgust, after being denied this common courtesy. Recently, we visited Carolina's Value Village on Independence and was subjected to having to leave to ask neighboring businesses for access to their restrooms since CVV has a "no public restroom" policy. After about 15 minutes, we had to gather kids and jump in the car and ride to the closest public friendly restaurant. It was painful, humiliating and not decent....especially after spending money with Carolina's Value Village. It was also physically painful, causing bloating in the stomach and back discomfort after being denied use of their restroom. Our experience took place at the Carolina's Value Village on Independence Blvd, Charlotte NC on July 8, 2017.


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