Why pay bias BBC TV licence? Why should we pay to be lied too!

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More and more people are being influenced by the media and they do not even realise it. Many people have no idea of the intentional bias they are fed by the BBC. There can be no denying they favour certain political parties, whilst unashamedly creating negative perceptions of others. The impact they have on the nation and its view of current events is undeniable and immorale. This is bad enough on its own, but to pay for the privilege through a TV licence is not acceptable. We pay the BBC to lie to us and decieve us on a regular basis, misrepresenting the truth. It is insanity. This is not an argument against the TV licence as a concept, but an argument against the TV licence when we should have the right to refuse to pay to be fooled. If we choose to boycott BBC, our free choice, we should not have to pay the licence. We cannot be confident in the BBC becoming neutral therefore we must be allowed the freedom to refuse to watch and pay for their services.

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