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Stop the TV licence- Biased news factory

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We the British public are forced to pay a licence fee in order to watch TV or listen to radio.

However, we do not have a choice in this as all TV's and Radios can broadcast BBC programs.

Some of these programs gave become politically motivated and extremely Biased, for and against certain political parties.

The BBC now seems to be a Conservative propaganda machine, with its Political Editor showing some serious bias towards the Conservative party. She has consistently reported conservative party lines against the labour party, using actual Conservative party scripts direct from the Conservative party website, word for word!

See above twitter tweet for an example.

This is not the first time, but in only a few weeks time we will be electing a new Prime Minister, with the BBCs biased help, this will most certainly be a Conservative.

The recent times have shown that when a Labour MPS makes a mistake, take Diane Abbott for example, it's headline news for days. Yet when Theresa's May said during a visit to Brackla community centre in Bridgend, that the loss of tourism was good, not a single mention was made on the BBC.

The Labour manifesto was quickly leaked and torn apart by the BBC yet Theresa May not wanting to participate in a live TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn, very little was said, if it had been the Labour leader not wanting to debate, then the BBC would still be discussing it weeks later. It's time the BBC empty chaired Theresa May for this televised debate.

It is time we had a choice of whether we paid this licence fee as many pay sky TV or other broadcasting company. 

The licence fee is outdated and due to the extreme bias is now untenable.


Please join me in signing the end of the Tory Broadcasting Company.

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