Rachel Riley - Stop Smearing UK Labour

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Rachel Riley is using her celebrity profile to smear The Labour Party & Jeremy Corbyn on social media. Rather than attempt fight antisemitism across the political spectrum, Rachel and her associates are engaging in regular partisan attacks on Labour & spreading a lot of misinformation.

She is promoting various anonymous accounts on twitter, who are engaging in targeted harrassment of Labour members & supporters, even going as far as targeting independent left-wing media such as The Canary & Evolve UK.

According to a parliamentary report in 2016, antisemitism is no more prevelant in Labour than in wider society.

Antisemitism, or any type of racism is abhorrent. However, to weaponise antisemitism & use it as a political tool is absolutely despicable.

The last straw for me was her asking people to sign a petition titled 'Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite and is unfit to hold any public office'.

Please sign the petition if you agree.