Stop Ageism On British Radio Stations

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Sadly British Radio Stations are allowed to demonstrate ageism on British Radio. Not only are veteran acts largely ignored, they are openly refused playlisting or promotion on the majority of Radio Station, often some radio stations cite age demographic as the reason, meaning the artist is too old to be playlisted!

Sadly that means your age is a factor in being ignored, rather than playing all age groups of artists and allowing the listener to like the song for how it sounds, the listener is not being allowed to make that choice as the artists age is put before the song and not playlisted.

Currently the UK top airplay chart seldom sees a veteran act reach the top 20 on the airplay chart, most veteran acts have to settle for lower down the chart, if at all.See

This is blatant age discrimination. Can you imagine if this was done with Race,Gender or Sexuality, that radio stations decided due to these factors that your songs were going to be ignored.

We are demanding that Ofcom make ageism an offence on UK Radio, and that playlists are chosen on the songs merits and not the age of the artist.

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