Make Formula One great again by putting it on "Category A" and live on "Free to Air" TV

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Gareth Thomas started this petition to Ofcom and

Formula One is heading into a downward slope in the UK when all the races was live on "Free to Air" TV, it attracted 5-7 million viewers but when pay TV company Sky stole live TV rights in 2012 from BBC, it led to viewers declining and economical downturn as the UK is a leading giant in live Free TV for Formula One, current viewers are around 1.5 million per race on Free to Air and on Pay TV.

Channel 4 is a free to air channel and they air highlights of all races with only the British Grand Prix live, their deal is to 2022.

Sky Sports are a  "Pay Per Viewer" channel which require people to pay to watch races, it's has a exclusive Live TV deal until 2024.

Here's some of the viewer comparisons:

Britain 1995 - 6.4 Million (FTA - Live)

Brazil 2008 - 8.8 Million (FTA - Live) - peaking at 12.5 million

Canada 2011 - 8.0 Million (FTA - Live)

Australia 2016 -  2.1 Million (FTA Highlights)

Bahrain 2019 - 1.4 Million (FTA Highlights)

Canada 2019 - 1.2 Million (FTA Highlights)

I love F1 when it's live because it makes it feel alive and when it's highlights, you would know the results by the time the highlights goes on air because of the internet and social media influencing viewership on TV nowadays, finding out the results within 10 seconds of the race finishing and not wanting to watch is a bad situation.

Several F1 teams are cost cutting and paying for Live TV will not help their financial future, teams include Mclaren, Racing Point, Mercedes (UK Base), Haas (European Base), Red Bull, Williams and Renault (UK Base).

The people who are affected are the poor people who can't afford to pay £31.75 a month on Virgin Media, £18.00 on BT or £10.00 on Sky. Paying for races is a waste of money that can be spent on essentials and making it free makes. Only rich people can spend their money on something than can be saved or spend elsewhere. Making F1 live on Free to air will make viewers return to watching Formula One and to the 5-7 million we once had.

What needs to happen is for Ofcom and Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport need to look at this real carefully because they need their viewers watching big events on free to air, this is a situation where pay TV caused viewers not wanting to pay to watch live racing on TV. The sooner they see this, the sooner we get Formula One live on Free to Air.

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