Hold ITV News to account for discrimination against Christians

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Hold ITV to account for a biased and discriminating on the basis of religion, documentary that attacked churches and Bible believing Christians for their biblical views on the subject of homosexuality.

ITV News sent an undercover reporter into a London church pretending to seek counsel from a pastor about being gay. The pastor responded with the bible’s view without condemnation saying “do not feel ashamed for what you have said” and offered prayers for the person “that God should guide them” not knowing they were being filmed. The language used by ITV was false and misleading (“exposes”) and was a public attack on every Christian who holds to biblical perspective. The pastor did nothing wrong but share his convictions based on the bible when asked in his own space. He cannot affirm a way of life that is contrary to what the bible clearly and repeatedly says and therefore cannot be accused of wrongdoing on national TV. The reporting was biased, with the aim to send a message that Christians are wrong to hold such views and that those views should be banned even in the confines of our churches. This was a news report which should have a fair, unbiased and neutral stance. However the reporting was held by Paul Brand, a news reporter who is gay and was angry that the church should be allowed to call his lifestyle a sin. He gloated that the a ban on gay conversion therapy was being passed that would include churches from sharing biblical perspective on homosexuality within the church and when asked.

ITV reported this story using their platform to dicriminate against the church (bible believing Christians) on mainstream media for having a biblical view in a place of worship. So now there is no tolerance for Christians in a country where there is freedom of religion by those asking for tolerance. Tolerance cannot be sought for one while being intolerant of another. The man came into the church seeking help from a church with biblical views. The church did not go looking for the man and force their views on him. This public bullying of the church is an effort to aggressively oppress a group of people in the free world. They only aired views that supported the message they wanted to send and sent it out as news. They have made thousands of Christians feel frightened to share their faith and become the subject of scrutiny in their places of work and communities. ITV News responded that they have received positive feedback from the LGBT community for this reporting and made no comment on the hurt caused to the Christian community, though this has been brought to their attention, sending a message that the feelings of one group in society is more important that the human rights of others.

ITV news must give a public apology on ITV news, for the misleading, biased and offensive reporting, sharing biblical perspective and offering prayer has nothing to do with gay conversion therapy and should never have been included. The story must be pulled down from all their websites and social media including that of Paul Brand the leading news reporter. They must be held accountable for the hurt and distress caused to all concerned