Help secure the community radio licence of AfterdarkFM

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We are a small not for profit organisation, everything we have aimed to achive has been done out of thinking  & helping out of others while giving great music that doesnt get played on commercial radio. We have paid for equipment and had help from people to raise funds for licencing and had to learn everything from scratch.

Whilst weve been testing and  trying extremely hard to get equipment set up correctly, community accounts in place ,  understanding  & filling in  our application forms that  has been sent in weve hit a unnecessary snag .

Unfortunately due to some certain spiteful people. We have been reported as being an illegal station thought our testing of equipment, therefore we have temporarily been taken off air as investigations from Ofcom have arisen.

Basically these people who have reported it from spite  have spoilt it for YOU , the North East community who many enjoy and want to hear, once again its a case of "one spoiling it for the many"

So due to this sad news wed be very grateful for you to sign this petition to help in Ofcoms decision on speeding up &  granting the community radio licence.

As one of the main factors is.. does our community (you the people)  want this station?

If you could please sign this and share it, wed be very thankful as we can pass it to Ofcom to help in their decision making.

There is alot of bad things in the world and  one of our main aims was spreading joy though locally made music, northeast talent  and helping people with mental/ physical such as being unable to attend  music events.. through the power of the radio and social media. We can build a platform they can still join in and  be part of the community and not feel left out.
Our music is unique to radio is enjoyed by young and old which is amazing.
Please dont let these few  people take that bit of entertainment  and joy away from you & others.

AfterDarkFM Team