Demand Ofcom drop the racist complaint against Diversity

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On the ITV show Britain's Got Talent in September 2020, the dance troupe Diversity did an outstanding performance that sought to raise awareness of a very important issue that has been affecting the lives of Black people for centuries all over the world.

In the past few month’s racism has become more widespread in all aspects of life, and following the murder of George Floyd, we have seen an unprecedented increase in racist incidents and racist rhetoric all over the world.

What Diversity did was bring this issue even more into the forefront by encouraging people to reflect on their values, to show a need to unite, and put an end to this disease called racism.

The 15,000 complaints about their performance is further evidence that racism is even more of a pandemic and needs to be eradicated.

I am calling upon like-minded, intelligent, and decent human beings to demand that Ofcom drop the complaint on the grounds that the complaint is racist, and inflammatory.

In responding to the complaint, it is pandering to the ignorant racists who have made this complaint. We have already seen some bigoted and hateful comments all over the media in response to the performance. My concern is that if Ofcom uphold this racist complaint, it is giving racists the green light to continue their hate filed campaign against Black people and show that racism is acceptable.

Diversity told the truth in their performance, and we need to get more talking about and taking action against racism.

Racism has no place in multi-cultural Britain. A country that has been built by people from all races.