Appealing to stop extremely racist broadcasting by Channel S TV (BSkyB 777).

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Mr Mohammed Mahee Ferdous Jalil, is a convicted criminal who despite serving his sentence continues his total disrespect for people and authority by making disgusting racially divisive remarks while presenting his show at Channel S TV (BSkyB Channel 777).

Broadcasted live on 3rd May 2020, the title of the program was COVID-19, the time at which the comment was made is 1hr 45 mins.

He said in an open public show (in Bengali) that the Muslims who came to this country from Bangladesh have inherited the blood of Low Caste Hindus and is implying Muslim shopkeepers cheat their customers because they have inherited the blood of Hindus.

This obnoxious racial attack in a public TV programme has absolutely shocked thousands of Bangladeshis and progressive people from British Bangladeshi heritage.