OET C+ for all 4 Modules for International Nurses residing in the UK and working in the UK

OET C+ for all 4 Modules for International Nurses residing in the UK and working in the UK

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Why this petition matters

Started by Gigi Mathew

Petition to NMC to accept OET C+ in all modules for International Nurses residing in the UK Health care sector to fill the gap in UK Nurses Vacancies.

Several back home nurses are working in the UK health care sector as carers and nursing assistants for many years are struggling to achieve the existing OET requirement score to register with NMC. Among them largely are migrated to the UK on a spouse visa, student visa, care assistant vis program and EU settlement. 

Whereas, many International Nurses from Non English speaking countries  have joined through NMC's acceptance provision of " Recent Practice of at least one year in a majority English speaking country" (Malta,Jamaica, Cayman Islands ...) while many International nurses already residents for many years are unable to clear the OET hurdle even after the several attempts of hard work, continuous efforts and spending £ 329 for each exam (Many NHS employees also utilised NHS Oet training and exam fee funding) with ample working experience in the NHS and UK Private health care system.

If the government and the NMC consider lowering the score of English language proficiency test, it could help the government to fill the Nurses requirement gap in the health care sector and thereby save millions of tax payers money and the same can be used for other public benefits and strengthening NHS.

On average, NHS trusts spends £2000 to £12000 for the International recruitment process and a Nurse degree apprenticeship program can cost up to £140,000 per nurse to the exchequer. Lowering the language proficiency requirement for the UK residents who are employed in NHS and Private health care can help the trusts to fill  the vacancy gap quickly and efficiently by saving millions.

The Primary objective of NMC is public protection. however, a C+ Oet in all modules of the language test will not harm public safety as they are already working in the UK health care system. moreover, the ongoing staff shortage in the NHS is a major concern for the health and safety of the public.

Many Thanks

Reach out to me if you are a back home nurse coming under this need/ with your suggestions regarding this initiative to submit to the NMC, Department of Health and Social Care, Home Office, and HM Treasury.



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444 have signed. Let’s get to 500!