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It's a shame! A tragedy! People dying in government hospitals out of common diseases like Jaundice!  Amit Khandual of Class 12 Chinmaya  Vidyalaya ROURKELA had been suffering from fever for about 1 month... He had regular medications... When the condition turned out to be serious he was admitted in the IGH (Ispat Government Hospital) in ROURKELA where jaundice was identified as the cause! The hospital authorities and the doctors of IGH are "SO WELL TRAINED AND EQUIPPED" that our friend dies within 2 days in the general ward of the hospital! Due to lack of proper facilities... To some extent resources and i dont know what else that this dilapidated hospital lacks! 

We have heard treatment of cancer being successful in near past concerning numerous patients! But it's a pity that people die... People lose lives due to common diseases... Because of Lack of proper facilities and irresponsible staffs! We demand that the IGH should be effectively  immediately surveyed by the government and if needed shut down. It should be equipped with facilities that are ATLEAST CAPABLE Of saving a 16 year kids life who is suffering from Jaundice.. And not CANCER! 

WE URGE THE HEALTH MINISTRY  OF GOVERNMENT OF ODISHA - Dr Upendra Kuamr Sahoo (Director of Health Facilities ODISHA) as well as the ROURKELA MUNICIPAL CORPORATION to act Wisely! 

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