Jail Akosi Dogie (Vlogger) for violation of RA10088 and the Cyber Crime Law of 2012

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Chlester Dacuba
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Recently a filipino streamer, known as Akosi Dogie live-streamed "some" clips of a camrip cinema copy of ONE PIECE STAMPEDE on his facebook page. He claims that what he streamed are from the official trailer however that is not what the screenshot from those who have seen it shows  https://imgur.com/WnDyd6F

As the screenshot above show, the cinema chairs are faintly visible... A definite, clear evident display of violation of said laws. Akosi Dogie, may not owned the said cam rips but the fact he streamed it on his page instead of the official trailer video is like supporting piracy. It is also possible that he obtained the "file" associated with the pirated movie which means he is also liable from the violation of the law.

As a famous streamer, Akosi Dogie makes money from his videos but TOEI animation, the animation studio that holds the rights of the movie, ONE PIECE STAMPEDE, losses their income which are very vital to further support the future animation production of the said studio who worked very hard just to give smiles to every fans. Another is that, It is a common knowledge that animators in Japan are payed low despite the difficulty of their job. Akosi Dogie streaming a pirated copy is akin to stealing the animation studio their income which they need to pay this hardworking animators which means its possible, that this animators may get a lower than their usual salary due to income loss.

As a supporter of anime, and being a former animator in Japan, such action of the offender is UNACCEPTABLE. Edit:- it is not about "otakuism" or addiction to anime or being a simple anime fan, it is about how we are not happy at how our law even the basic ones like RA10088 and cyber crime law of 2012 is disrespected by some vlogger (worse a fellow citizen) just because he is supposedly "famous" and used such acts of piracy as his stepping stone for him to gain more of that fame (famewhore indeed).

This petitioner believes, if action is taken to tackle this blatant violation, we can prevent the repeat of such violation and further win the trust of not only the anime copyright holders but also all other movie producers and copyright holders, associated with animation or not like Hollywood. Through this petition, may I request that TOEI animation, ODEX Philippines and SM malls act on this matter. Let us show that we don't tolerate piracy. Sue and put the violators like Akosi Dogie to jail.

For inforrmation:

Republic Act (RA)10088 is known as Anti Camcording Act of 2010 which penalize unauthorized use, recording and related of copyrighted materials such as movies. Basically known as “anti piracy law” in Philippines.