Please deliver on the Internet to the world, the Korean musical Man of La Mancha.

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I'm Saki Hori from Japan, who is drawing a portrait of Mr Seung-Woo Cho.
Thank you for your continued support.

I have no idea how many fans around the world want to watch Mr Seung-Woo's musical and listen to Mr Seung-Woo's singing voice, so I would like to Signature Campaign.

If the musical 'Man of La Mancha' starring Mr Seung-Woo is distributed on the Internet, how many people in the world would like to watch it even if you pay a little money?

If you want to watch the Korean musical Man of La Mancha on the Internet, Please Sign.

If a certain number of people gather, I will inform the production company OD COMPANY of this activity.

Best Regards,

Saki Hori (堀 咲妃) from Japan