Leniency with the grade boundaries on the OCR new spec biology and chemistry.

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I myself am an A-student who found the recent exams very distressing and difficult. I feel passionate about shedding light on the perception of the papers by the student population. 

Firstly, we are the guinea pigs this year. The first year to attempt the new spec where we are assessed on 2 years' worth of information at the end of the A level course in year 13. As we all know, this is unlike the old spec. This has placed us under more immense pressure and made the examinations all the more difficult to prepare for.

Secondly, not forgetting the mistakes made on the biology papers (formulas and wording errors), the special difficulty of the papers in general cannot be overseen. Eventhough the need for assessing application skills in biology is respected, a huge disproportionate fraction of the paper focused on this, without much assessing of actual specification content. Having compared the new spec papers with old spec past papers, both across biology and chemistry, I have observed a consensus in the opinion that the new spec papers are much more difficult than the old papers, which were much easier and simpler.

Now, taking into consideration the fact that we are the first year to undertake this harder new specification, and also the fact that the papers were still very difficult too, we urge this all to be taken into account when setting the boundaries and hope for flexibility and leniency with them. Many students' lives and career pathways are at stake here. 

Thank you!