Change the OCPS Dress Code

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It has become a problem we all face, censorship. As a student In Orange County Florida school district, our dress code has become a problem. Clothing with holes,tears and patches is considered out of code and many of my fellow students are facing reprimand due to our outdated code. I am writing this petition in hopes for getting our school board to see that clothing trends are changing. This petition is hoping to change the following rules within the dress code for OCPS:

1. No four finger rule

2. Clothing with tears, patches and/or holes will be allowed as long as they are in good taste. Tears and/or holes will not be more then 4 inches above the knee.

3.  Legging and tights should be allowed to be worn as long as they are not revealing or see-through. 

These changes are practical and tasteful. They follow the current clothing trends. I am hoping that my fellow students and administration will consider my plea. I have always been taught to pick and choose my battles wisely. With your help, together we can change the future for all OCPS students. 

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