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Fix oconee county schools dress code!

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I want to give the students in oconee county a better invironment to learn in. Over the past few days i have watched my neice go through an issue with school and get an infraction she shouldn't have because of what she was wearing. The current dress code for Oconee county schools are not specific enough and gives teachers and other staff the ability to pretty much target who they want to and punish who they want to without any real reason at all. There needs to be a change in the dress code and a specific one at that. All I want is for every student to be treated equal and not judged because of what they are wearing. If it says no leggings then that means no leggings not leggings are fine as long as your shirt is so long. Or as it stands now it says no leg forming pants then everyday I see kids wearing them and not getting in trouble and then the staff and teachers pick who they want to wear them and who they do not want wearing them. There has to be major change in this situation. Also I think cheer leaders should not be allowed to wear there uniforms during school because they break all the rules while other kids not on the cheer sqad would never be allowed to wear such things. All I'm asking for is for our parents to step up and help me make this happen so all kids no matter size,weight,gender,color or creed can feel comfortable in there own skin without fear of being harassed because they are diffrent than someone else. It's time to stand up and make this happen and if all else fails I believe that uniforms should be issued if half the kids are allowed to wear what they want and the other half is left wondering why they are being punished for something they are other kids doing and not being punished the same way. Please help me by signing this petition and helping make change for our future leaders. Let's make oconee equal again!

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