Stop Rezoning of Property at 316 / Oconee Connector / Mars Hill Rd

Stop Rezoning of Property at 316 / Oconee Connector / Mars Hill Rd

December 5, 2020
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Oconee County Board of Commissioners
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Protect Oconee County!

This proposed retail development will negatively impact virtually all Oconee County Citizens in the form of:

               - Increased Traffic
               - Higher Crime
               - Environmental Destruction

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Deferred Tax, LLC is asking for a rezone of property located at the NW corner of Mars Hill Rd and the Oconee Connector, to support development of a retail shopping center, anchored by a Grocery Store as well as two hotels, restaurants, a car dealership as well as additional retail space.

To support this space, they are proposing an entrance off the Oconee Connector with a traffic light, as well as five (5) entrances in the 0.3 mile section along Mars Hill Road, including a major entrance directly across from the entrance to the Bond Crossing subdivision.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has indicated that there will be some changes to the intersection at 316 and the Oconee Connector in the future. Having an additional traffic signal between 316 and Mars Hill Rd will significantly impact traffic in that area.

The proposed development will allow a B2 Zoned development directly across from existing residential homes on Mars Hill, with no form of OIP (Office, Institutional, Professional) buffer.

There is already a significant amount of space zoned for this type of development in Oconee County that is not being utilized (Epps Bridge). It is understood that Publix is the grocery store that will be occupying this space, and it is unclear if they will close their current store at Butlers Crossing.

This development will impact almost everyone using the Oconee Connector, and will significantly impact the neighborhoods in the area.

As citizens of Oconee County concerned with the responsible growth within the county, feel that this development is incompatible with the area, are concerned that there will be insufficient infrastructure and public safety resources to support this development, and will lead to more underutilized retail space in the area, and therefore respectfully request that this rezone request be denied.



This petition made change with 991 supporters!

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