Daycare Providers Need Financial Relief during Crisis, Too

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As a small in home family daycare, I pay taxes, I follow strict guidelines by OCFS, and I provide quality care for children age 0-5 years old with two additional school age children. I open my home to care for other people’s children as I care for my own. I am self employed.
There is absolutely no question that we are in a nation wide crisis situation with the Coronavirus upon us. We are urged to self quarantine, practice not only good hygiene but social distancing, staying home unless it is necessity to leave. I understand. And I appreciate that schools have closed, and that businesses are being urged to close to contain the affliction that is upon us. 
With that being said, there have been bills passed in which cover various employees, one in which covers businesses with LESS THAN 500 employees for unemployment. While this is occurring, there are daycare providers requesting less restrictions on their ratio and capacity. Does that not defeat the purpose of closing schools, and lessening the amount of congregation amongst people? Pediatricians are urging parents NOT to participate in play dates. But providers fear for closure because of that lack of financial assistance that business employees have access to that we do not.
My daycare is suffering in numbers, as self employed individuals can not afford to pay. People are being laid off and unable to pay. Children have coughs and illnesses and are unable to attend due to self quarantine.
There is no current program or financial support in line for small in home daycares. I am urging you to change that very situation during this difficult time. It is not right to charge families full pay during this time, and it is not possible for In Home Providers to survive without pay. Please, help us to navigate this situation and provide some financial relief.
If we cannot afford to close because of the lack of safety net, the virus will rapidly continue to spread. Please, don’t forget about the small businesses who care for your children, your neighbors children, your families children. When the quarantine is lifted, childcare will be required again as it was before. We will be unable to reopen if our mortgages and bills have been unpaid due to that lack of financial support in extenuating situations such as these. 
Please pass a bill in which provides unemployment support to In Home Family Daycare Providers during the current pandemic. Please help to keep our families as safe and healthy as possible, and yours.