Give the Oceanside Unified teachers a fair and equitable contract!

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For over 500 days, the teachers of Oceanside have been embroiled in negotiations with the Oceanside Unified School District. Many of us, as parents, had no idea about what was going on with our teachers... and now that we do we want to have a voice to our district about doing what is fair for our teachers that do so much for us. 

Much of the negotiations have been due to our district's claims that there are not enough funds to support cost of living increases for our teachers and they actually need to take a pay cut in the form of insurance caps. Utilizing a contractor's assessment of our districts budget, the district has said our schools are in dire straits and must cut budgets with our teacher's pay and benefits. While there is no dispute regarding a decline in census, there is significant dispute over the impartiality of this study paid for by the district. At the latest meeting, the outside contractor was unable to defend the validity of many aspects of said report, casting a questionable light on many of the findings. 

While our district has stated there are no funds to supply our teachers with cost of living adjustments or benefit coverages, they have found funds for other incidentals such as raises for non-teachers (administrative staff), programs without proven outcomes, contractors, and substantial fees for a top notch negotiating team including litigators. 

Our teachers are the lifeline to our schools and need to be treated as such. Without our teachers, our schools will not run and our students will fail. OUSD declared an impasse with negotiations after the teachers declined to not only a 0% cost of living adjustment for the last two years, but a cap on insurance costs paid by the district, effectively giving teachers a pay cut with standard rising costs of insurance over the coming years. Our teachers are not being greedy or unrealistic, they are asking to be fairly compensated for their hard work after having been patient for almost 2 years. We as a community need to stand up for our teachers immediately, we need to tell our district that our teachers are mission critical and that we will not accept this behavior!

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