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Petitioning Mayor Simon Richardson and 9 others

Disallow construction of Telstra tower at Ocean Shores.


I, the signer of this petition, object strongly to the construction of a planned Telstra Tower on council owned land, zoned currently DM (deferred matter) and situated east of Flinders Way in bushland. The action requested of council is to disallow the construction of the Telstra Tower on their land. The reasons for the objection are as follows:

1) The location of the tower has a large visual impact on several adjoining residences, one only 70 meters away.
2) The site is adjacent to a previously zoned 7k habitat site, which with the new LEP 2014 was re zoned DM (deferred matter).
3) There is at least one alternative site available with equivalent elevation, effective proximity and a 'Clear Line of Site’ located north of Flinders Way in the Billinudgel Nature Reserve. 
4) There are potential severe health concerns in relation to the close proximity of the tower regarding EMR, "Electromagnetic Radiation”.

For information on health effects see:

This petition was delivered to:
  • Mayor
    Simon Richardson
  • Councillor
    Paul Spooner
  • Councillor
    Sol Ibrahim
  • Deputy Mayor
    Alan Hunter
  • Councillor
    Diane Woods
  • Councillor
    Duncan Dey
  • Councillor
    Chris Cubis
  • Councillor
    Basil Cameron
  • General Manager
    Ken Gainger
  • Councillor
    Rose Wanchap

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