HK Ocean Park. Phase Out and Close Down your Dolphin Exhibit & breeding programme.

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Trapped marine mammals are sad caricatures of the real thing. Please do not subject more creatures to pain and suffering for the sole purpose of public amusement.

We request a fully comprehensive list of information pertaining to the captive dolphins covering the last 2 decades be made available for public viewing.(i.e. DOB, Causes of death,  dates, parentage, wild- caught, captive bred), we have continuously requested this information for 5 years now and we still wait for this information.

Our community members, young and old, are interested in working out a solution for this age old dolphin exhibit that lacks any substantial educational value and sits uncomfortably with more and more ticket payers.  

We would like to see birth control implemented and captive breeding of cetaceans phased out. No dolphin deserves imprisonment, the public cannot unsee what has become obvious- abuse and suffering. Dolphins belong in the ocean, not in minuscule concrete holes. This is indeed common sense and as we are in 2018, it's time to step up to the plate and accept responsibility for the needless pain, suffering and deaths of innocent creatures held in your care.

As a first class city, we feel Ocean Park, HK should consider re-evaluating their ethical integrity and accountability in regards to the confinement of dolphins for entertainment purposes and breeding. 

We request Ocean Park set an example, and be part of the solution, not the problem.