Stop Housing Developments of Lakewood

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The housing developments in Lakewood have become a detriment to the community and surrounding areas with huge influx’s causing havoc with traffic, overpopulation and accidents leaving little room for emergency responders to even do their job. 
The Hasidic community has overrun the township of Lakewood with their own police force, ambulatory services and laws overthrowing the rich heritage there. 

More recently, the famous route 70 flee market has been swept up with plans for additional housing! After being run for generations, it is taken over and easily disposed of for more complications. The community has fallen apart over the last few decades rapidly. 

A once historic town, now is the center of attention for corruption, traffic and much more. 
While many steps may be needed to sustain the once beloved Lakewood, the first must be to stop these building developments from going up! Lakewood already offers its Hasidic community luxury living on the taxpayers dollar with beautiful townhouses approved on assisted living but the remaining community must live at a lower standard at the same cost. 

A call of action to the local and state departments to review what is truly going on in Lakewood needs to start now! From housing to the overrun board of education stopping our local youth from activities they’ve had for many generations! Sign now and share!