Have Donna Blackburn Removed from Board of Trustees

Although Schools are out Donna Blackburn is still employed and actively being paid. Whilst on the job, she knowingly broke social distancing rules, to interrogate, bully, and publicly shame a young man. I can argue in two languages, I’ll follow you home, you shouldn’t be here, I have your picture. All racial epitaphs to try and prove her point she’s right, and white.

In a Facebook post she lauded my other role is park “patrol” like she’s charged with catching criminals. Or that she didn’t like having her judgement questioned in having the basketball hoops taken down.

This type of racial motivated social justice is predicated on one thing the person passing judgement feeling superior to the other person.

No student should be subject to this type of treatment it’s racial profiling, she tried to publicly humiliate the student, potentially put him in harms way, followed him and harassed him.

Imagine the ramifications for the student if her harassment led to a physical altercation.

Lastly imagine a school board trustee with a marked history of sexism, this school board trustee notices two young students, talking in a park. Approaches them, harasses them, I’ll wait for the bylaw, I’ll follow you girls home. Posts their picture publicly without their permission.

Laughs off the encounter on social media about how part of his role is round up the ladies and how he knows what’s best for them.

Obviously he would get fired instantly and deservedly, Donna has a history of racism and did everything above. After this break she shouldn’t have a job.

If she is still working at the school board the family should sue Donna and the school board in Civil court.

Terry Shilton, Victoria, Canada
4 months ago
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