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Provide an opportunity to re-vote on where the next encampment will be


Proposal for a Re-Vote:
Occupy Oakland to Re-Occupy at 19th and Telegraph During Nov 19 Day of Action (
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Downtown Oakland residents, citizens, parents, teachers, principals, small business owners, and fellow occupiers have spoken and request a re-vote on the proposal to move the OO encampment to 19th and Telegraph. As of 5:18 pm today (Nov. 17) 134 people have signed a petition to request a re-vote. See this link to the petition for an up to date count:

When the proposal was originally voted upon, it was clear that many of the key individuals impacted by this decision where not in attendance at that night’s GA. We believe the following facts and concerns should have been addressed more thoroughly:

Facts concerning the proposed encampment site @ 19th and Telegraph:
1) The new location is next door to the Oakland School of the Arts. This is a middle/high school serving children between the ages 11 – 18.
2) Families, administrators, and teachers of the adjacent school were not contacted for their feedback on the proposal
3) The new location is adjacent to an affordable housing complex.
4) The new location is going to occupy the newly developed art and sculpture garden of the affordable housing complex

Key Concerns:
- No community outreach that we know of was conducted prior to the proposal being voted upon, yet this is a move directly into a primarily residential area
- This location does not inflict the 1%, but would place hardships on working families and students
- When the Occupy Oakland encampment is within a close vicinity of a school, the school’s attendance and budget suffer, schools must close early or open late, and parents are fearful of their children’s well being (Case study – Envision Academy @ 15th and Webster)
- Innocent children will be put in the crossfire of OO and OPD without parents being given a voice or choice in the decision to involve their children
- This location falls within a drug free school zone thereby putting the Police into a position of “protectors” of the peace and safety of a community
- Once the decision was released into the community, an outpouring of responses from families and community members started surfacing requesting a re-vote and a new location

This proposal is not designed to propose a new site, but to simply ask for a re-vote.

Should we move our encampment to 19th and Telegraph?

Letter to
Occupy Oakland Facilitators Occupy Oakland
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Occupy Oakland.

Provide an opportunity to re-vote on where the next encampment will be

This movement is important to many many people, and while we have made great strides and created mass awareness around social injustices, we are still feeling our way through the dark as it pertains to making certain decisions.

There was a vote at General Assembly to march to the new encampment which will be located at 19th and Telegraph. There are many of us devout OO supporters who believe this is a grave mistake. That area is surrounded by Low-income developments as well as a school that houses both Middle and High school age children. There has been no prior communication with the school or the people of that community to discuss the potential impact. We can not begin to ostracize the very individuals we need to support this movement and that is precisely what this new encampment will do. Not only that, it will create dissension amongst the OO movement. Please join us in reversing this detrimental decision.


THE 99%

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