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Occupy Austin Powerwashing Petition

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Honorable Members of City Council, Mayor, and Mayor Pro Tem:

I write to ask you to change the City's powerwashing practices at the plaza. Please switch to only power washing once a week, and to do so during the day.

There are many good reasons to do this. We are in Stage 2 water restrictions, and it seems hypocritical to tell homeowners they are not allowed to water their lawns except once a week when the City is watering their concrete three times a week.  In the middle of a drought, power washing three times a week is a misuse of water. It is right for the City to tell people not to water their lawn during the day because of evaporation due to heat, but that is not a concern for powerwashing, which could be done during the day. 

More importantly, powerwashing at night is a health hazard to the protesters, who are forced to sleep on wet concrete three times a week. The powerwashing occurs even on nights when it is already raining, adding to the wet and miserable conditions on the steps. For the protesters that are eligible for health services from the City, getting sick will incur further unnecessary costs. 

I urge you to switch to power washing during the day, and substantially decrease the frequency of the power washing. It would really make a world of difference to the tenor of the protests, and show that City Council is willing to do the right thing.


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