Demand OSHA Protect Employees From Toxic Mold Exposure At Workplace

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Pamela Pierre
Pamela Pierre signed this petition

The long-term employee health ramifications from toxic mold exposure in the workplace is not taken seriously to enforce immediate remediation and injury compensation when employees complain of forced toxic mold exposure and seek out government protection and involvement thru OSHA claim process when Title 8 measures are proven to fall short over and over again and not the least bit effective.

This enables employers to resort to retaliation and wrongful termination to whistleblowers rather than invest in proper remediation or file unemployment claims — which makes the employees who suffer, afraid to come forward who work in water damaged buildings.  As a result, victims bear lifetime health issues, quality of life and health cost consequences since there is no current government regulation.

“ This workplace travesty happened to me and thousands of others, whom now suffer mold illness ramifications, wrongful discharge and career defamation due to this loop hole. A serious quality of life and financial toll I never would have opted for when I accepted my job if I knew what I was getting myself into in the first place.“ ~Pamela 

Please take a stand and sign this petition and put a stop to this injustice and make toxic mold mycotoxin exposure regulation compliance accountability a priority and not a privilege. Empower employee health and safety rights of millions effected workers across the nation today!