Occupation Continues — Sheikh Jarrah, Palestine

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حينما تشرب القهوة هذا الصباح، تخيّلْ أن دارك قد خُرِب قبل الفجر الآتي. ☕

As you sip your morning coffee, imagine your home is razed by tomorrow morning.

(razed: completely destroyed)

نحن نعيش آمنين تحت سقفنا وربما ٢٨ عائلة سيفقدون سقفهم. �

As we live in peace under our roof, 28 other families may soon not have a roof.


Israel has already evicted 12 families from the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in East Jerusalem. Even forced those kicked out to pay living expenses for those moving in.

This is no secret to hush hush about, it's been a blatant policy of ethnic cleansing for decades.

⭐ Liking this moment and not signing the petition is tantamount to indifference. Put your coffee down, and spend 30 seconds to sign it.

More importantly, sign it out of sympathy for humanity, not out of malice for a certain group. Our golden principle is to uphold justice. Not to hate. �

Sheikh Jarrah
4 months ago