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All college students have the right to a safe, supportive place in which to live, work, and study. Unfortunately, Occidental College has failed to provide such an environment in its mishandling of sexual assault, despite years of requests for change from students and faculty. Finally, students and faculty filed two federal complaints in April over violations of Title IX and the Clery Act. The faculty voted by a wide majority for changes to Oxy's sexual assault policies and practices, and voted "no confidence" in two college administrators. Parents and alumni wrote an open letter to the Occidental administration demanding change.

By signing this petition, you will add your voice to the growing chorus of advocates for safer, more just college campuses across the nation. 

Letter to
President, Occidental College Jonathan Veitch
Chair, Board of Trustees John Farmer
I join the faculty, staff, students, alumni, and parents of Occidental College in demanding changes to Occidental's sexual assault policies and to the personnel who implement those policies. I support the Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition's 12 Demands and 87 recommendations for better practices around sexual assault. I support the faculty who called for change and voted no confidence in two administrators. I support the demands contained in the May 10 Open Letter from Parents and Alumni. Please move as quickly as possible to change the horrible culture around sexual assault at Occidental College.