Bring glass bottle water to Ocado to reduce plastic!

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I manage a business where we offer free refreshments to our clients, to “really”commit with reducing plastic we decided to spend more that 3 times in glass bottled water and refreshments. In the last 4 years we have SAVE over 5000 plastic bottle go into the lands field (due to the lack of plastic recycling on business from Richmond Borough) now Ocado decide to pull out of their range of glass bottled water, for what understood over the phone is to save petrol in their vans (which most of the time they charge for delivery).

I tryed to contact them to rise a complain and recuest get back the glass bottled water to their range. They send me a generic answer not even apologies and saying that they will commit by 2025!!!! To reduce unnecessary plastic. Well let me tell you something by 2025 because of the lack of care about the amount of plastic they sell we will put into the land field of our future children more that 10000 plastic bottles and this is with one small business!!! With companies like Ocado is the reason why this world will end sooner that later full of PLASTIC!!! Please sing to make them aware of this big problem.