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Get obsidian to make Fallout: New Vegas 2

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Let's be honest here for a second, fallout new vegas made by obsidian published by bethesda, both good companies, and its a good game, with a good story and alot of outcomes. I'll be honest, i hated new vegas at first, but after giving it a second chance i can see where people find it very enjoyable, it has some familiar faces from the previous fallout games, mainly fallout 2, and has loads of refernces to fallout 1 and of course fallout 2, but there's so many things new vegas did right, there was past refernces, different guns and ammunition, i understand fallout 4 had different types of guns and ammunition to, but, it wasn' too in depth the way new vegas did it, the DLC'S were fun, exploring the Mojave was fun and scary since you wouldn't know when you run into a cazador nest, or into a pack of deathclaw's, there were so many quests i nearly got side tracked, see that's the problem with fallout 4, yea it had allot of quests, but it felt tedious, I'm not saying fallout 4 is a bad game, I'm saying it didn' feel like a fallout game, no offense bethesda, please don't making games. They're fun to play, stop milking skyrim, and please start working on the elder scrolls 6, i mean, I'm trying to crap on fallout 3 or 4, but the way obisidan did it, is that new vegas felt like the real sequel to fallout 2, familiar faces, enemies, callbacks, refernces, thats what everyone missed in fallout 3 and 4, there was hardly no lore, just very little, again no offense bethesda, but what obsidian did, they just got everything right, at first it was regarded as the worst fallout, but in time it's considered the best among fans, hopefully you'll see this petiton and all the people who want a new fallout game.

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