Objection to residential development in Tesco carpark, Pinner

Objection to residential development in Tesco carpark, Pinner

1 May 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Danielle Tucker

I have recently seen the planning application (viewable on the Planning and Developments section of the Harrow Council website - ref P/0719/22) for eight flats to be built on what is currently the back of Tesco’s car park, between the footpath and the electrical substation so I write to you with my concerns. 

In addition to the wider issues of building in what is an already densely populated are with stretched resources such as schools and medical services, the problems surrounding traffic and parking are likely to impact us directly.

The bend between Northwold Drive and the railway bridge is already dangerous when cars park on the street, and I’m aware that residents of Northwold Drive struggle with safely pulling out of their road when visibility is restricted due to this. It is proposed that the development will have electric entry gates on this bend. Consideration needs to be taken regarding the dangers of residents, visitors, and delivery drivers stopping on a bend to wait for the gates to open. There have been a number of incidents near this bend. Understandably, many of these are dealt with privately so the council need to hear our anecdotal evidence of this so they can understand how this development will add to the existing risks. 

The majority of houses on Camden Row don’t have driveways and park on the street, often having their cars damaged by passing vehicles. Presently there is an agreement between Tesco and residents of Camden row that permits us to park in the section of the car park where the development could take place. If anyone has evidence of this agreement, please could you share it with me to support the objection. Management in Tesco are aware of this agreement, and it has been noted on house sale listings by estate agents, however I doubt either of them will be willing to support us since they will benefit from selling the land and the properties built on it! 

These issues are magnified during weekends when Sync bar is busy, as their patrons also have the right to park along Cuckoo Hill and the surrounding streets.

The development proposes eight parking spaces (one per flat), yet the likelihood of there being more than one car per flat is high, and visitors will also need somewhere to park. Similarly, reducing the number of spaces in the car park may force shoppers to park elsewhere when the car park fills up.

Other non-restricted parking nearby is already heavily used:

l Rickmansworth Road and Abbey Close which are already very busy

l the slip road outside the businesses on Pinner Green which is used by workers and customers to the shops and the residents of the flats above

l the small car park at the beginning of Ash Hill Drive, which is used by shoppers, residents and those dropping and collecting from Bubsy Pre-School 

There are also a number of elderly residents and residents with young children who depend on having somewhere safe to park and get in and out of the car, as well as businesses who depend on parking availability in order to successfully operate. I have been in touch with Mencap who have a day centre underneath the flats next to Shell petrol station. They have said safe parking is an integral part of the service they provide. They have their own vehicles to park and many of their service users need somewhere to be dropped off and collected. 

Any objections must be received by Harrow council before 13th May, so please sign the petition and submit your objection to the council directly as soon as you can so I can ensure everything reaches them by the deadline.

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Signatures: 342Next Goal: 500
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